How to stream US restricted content like Netflix from everywhere.

Netflix and Hulu are channels with major collection of movies and series. The bad thing is that Netflix and Hulu along with a huge number of other great channels can only be accessed from US and in some cases UK. Well, that’s an unfair separation because people outside of the US lose all the hot series like Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, South Park and Top Gear. Furthermore, people outside of the US can’t have access to huge sports happenings like NBA.

There are a lot of services which can help people outside US to bypass the geo-restricted problems and stay tuned with those major channels. We found a great and easy to use service called UnoDNS.

What is UnoDNS:
UnoDNS is a DNS based service created by UnoTelly. What UnoDNS does is to “trick” major content libraries like Netflix into thinking that users are inside their allowed geographic zone. Unlike other solutions like VPN, UnoDNS lets the users stream whatever they like directly from the provider bypassing the middle man. That makes UnoDNS a very fast service. Furthermore a big advantage of UnoDNS is that it can be used by almost every device supports internet connection. From PC to MAC, iPhone and iPad, Androids, PS3 and Xbox, Apple TV, Smart TV’s, Boxee and Roku. Users can even install it on their rooter and every device in their network will be connected to UnoDNS!

Supported Channels: 

UnoDNS supports more than 50 channels. From their huge list users can find sport channels, news channels, music channels and web radios, channels for kids and of course channels with the newest series and movies. Some of the most popular supported channels are Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Pandora web radio, NBA TV, Spotify , Discovery channel, Amazon and Nickelodeon. You can find the entire list of supported channels here.

Setting up UnoDNS is a 10 minute job! People of UnoTelly have created helpful step-by-step tutorials that can make the installation a pain free proccess for everyone. For PC, users just have to download UnoHelper and it will do all the job for them. For portable devices and game consoles users must make a DNS setting. It sounds hard but It’s not thanks to the helpful instructions provided by UnoTelly.

UnoDNS comes with 2 paid programs. The Premium (4.95$) and the Gold (7.95$). The Gold channel provides 20 more channels that the Premium one. Both Programs provide more than 60 channels and they can cover any user’s interest. Lastly, UnoTelly is giving the chance for anyone who want to try UnoDNS by providing an 8-day free trial of the Gold program. You can take the free trial here.


We recommend UnoDNS to anyone who is searching for a solution to stream geo-restricted content. We found it a very fast service with no bandwidth cap. The watching experience was great because we could stream in 1080p with no lags. The list of channels is huge and and it can satisfy every interest. The price is one of the best in market for services like that. Lastly and most important, we found a service that works – and it works good. Happy streaming!
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