How to set and configure proxy on computer (PC).
There have been lots of question regarding setting proxy for free gprs and 3g on pc. As you all know, using proxy you can access free gprs or 3g if 3g network is available in your locality. Setting up proxy on a mobile phone for free gprs is not a big deal.

But when it comes to setting proxy on the pc computer many of the readers are unaware of it. For that the free proxy gprs and 3g trick is still inaccessible for them. so here in this post lets sort it out and enjoy the trick to tweak the gprs and 3g connection for free using proxy tricks.
Setting proxy on pcThere are basically two ways to do this. If you are using a usb modem, like idea netsetter and other similiar modems from airtel,reliance,docomo,vodafone,aircel etc. you can configure the proxy settings from the apn settings itself.
How to set proxy on pc from usb modem dashboard.
Here is the steps to follow if you want to set proxy in your pc through usb modem to access free gprs and 3g tricks
*Go to options
*Go to edit apn
*In the apn settings there is an option that says dynamic
*Select dynamic
*And click on advanced settings
*You are taken to the proxy menu
*Enter the proxy and port settings here for free gprs and 3g. if the trick is working in your area youll get free gprs or 3g
*Some proxies doesnt work in all circles
*For latest free proxies keep VisitingThat’s all about setting proxy on pc through the usb modem dashboard settings. But in some cases one cannot edit this settings, like in case of idea netsetter dashboard. So there is an alternate way for them to set the proxy on pc through the browser they are using.

Setting proxy through web browser for accessing latest free gprs and 3g proxy trick

This is simple and rather straight forward. there are slight difference on how to do according to the browser you use Internet explorerIn internet explorer follow these steps to set proxy
*Open internet explorer
*Press alt+t
*Po to internet option
*Go to connetctions
*Select your connection
*Double click that setting or click advance
*Click use proxy
*Enter the proxy and port settings, save settingsThat’s it you are done

On Mozilla firefox
*How to set proxy on mozilla firefox
*Open mozilla firefox
*Click tools-option
*Select advanced tab
*Select network tab
*Click settings
*Select “use manual proxy” option
*Enter the proxy and port settings

That’s all. So you can enjoy free 3g or gprs connection using proxy tricks on your mozilla firefox.Difference between browser proxy and data card dashboard proxy

The proxy settings that you make on browser is applicable for browser only. If you are using some third party software as internet download manager for downloading, then this proxy will not take effect on the internet download manager. you will have to set proxy in the internet download manager also. But if you are setting proxy on the usb modem software dashboard all the programs you access will be through the proxy. That means you can access free gprs or 3g using proxy trick on all applications on your computer

Hope this was helpful for at least some of you. Thanks for reading and share this with your friends if you think this would help them.

Check this Out For Example 😉

must use the given ip
Above is the latest high speed 3g proxy server and port number to access free 3g on airtel. in this trick all you need is to configure a new apn settings with some proxies and restart your phone. first of all this trick is not working everywhere and new tricks get blocked easily. so try it as soon as possible and give your feedback.

In this free 3g trick you can get high speed 3g data on your airtel if you have 3g coverage in your area, or else the speed may be of gprs or edge connection. remember to set your phone to 3g mode to enjoy 3g data free on airtel using this trick.

apn settings for free 3g trick on airtel enjoy this trick create a new apn settings

2.put access point name as advanced settings use this proxy

4.set port as80

5.and in home page put any of these ip addresses the settings and restart your phone

7. now start your browser and go to the home page first any site for free in 3g speed

7. this trick supports only browsing it doesn’t support free 3g downloading

if you are using this free 3g trick on your pc, you can connect your phone using nokia pc suite and then configure the proxy settings in the mozilla firefox browser. for those who use 3g data card they can create new apn settings and configure the proxy settings in the dynamic option in the huawei mobile partner software.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or feedback please comment here. If you know a easier and better way than the one posted here please let us all know.

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