How to Send free SMS on any Mobile Operator from your GMAIL account/GTALK.

Google has Extended  free SMS service for Gmail users in India,Now Anyone From India can send free text messages to your friends & family From Gmail!

On Wednesday Google  started rolling out free SMS service for its Gmail users in India. The service is reportedly also being rolled out for paid e-mail Google Apps customers in India. Google India hasn’t officially announced the new initiative yet, however several Gmail users have reported about receiving a notification about the new service.I also received a Notification about this new service When I logged in on my GMAIL inbox this morning.

The SMS service Also can be accessed from GoogleTalk  and also from the normal Chat in Gmail.
According to Google, the service is supported by all operators in India and the US, but not by all operators in other countries.

How to Send free SMS from your GMAIL account.

You have to enter your contact’s name in the ‘Search or invite friends’ box in Chat, and select ‘Send SMS’ If there is a Chat window open for the contact, you can select ‘Send SMS’ from the Options dropdown.

The Google SMS help site says: “In the dialog box, enter a phone number in the ‘Send SMS messages to this number’ field.Click here for the list of supported countries and operators. If you are not located in one of these countries you can still use it, but you won’t see the SMS option in Chat until you enable it manually in the Chat settings page.

“Click Save.

“A Chat window appears. Just type your message as you would normally. When you hit Enter, the message will be sent to the phone number you entered.

“If your contact replies, the text message response will appear as a reply in Chat. These conversations are stored in your Chat history just like regular chats (but keep in mind that you can’t go off the record while communicating via SMS).”

When the recipient sends a reply, it will be displayed as a chat message.

In India the free Gmail SMS service is available on eight major mobile service operators: Aircel, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata indicom and Vodafone (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal & Andaman and Nicobar, Assam, North East).NOTE : SMS credits
All users get 50 credits every day. Every time the user sends a SMS, one credit is deducted. If the user receives a reply, five credits are credited to the user’s account, but the total number of credits will not exceed 50.

If you run out of credits, you will get a fresh set of 50 credits the next day, but you can also“buy” credits.

Google Said : “Keep in mind that if you’d like a higher message credit, you can always send an SMS to your own phone, and then reply to that message multiple times. Every time you send a reply message, your SMS credit is increased by five. Effectively, you’re buying more messages by paying your phone company for these outgoing messages.”

“To prevent abuse, any Gmail user who sends an excessive number of SMS messages from Gmail, without getting any responses in return, will be blocked from sending further SMS messages.”

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