How to request Reissue AdSense Cheque

From last few months I am unable to give much time to my blog,this is affecting my blog traffic and Adsense earning.I haven’t had an Adsense check since  January.

In India there is no wire transfer service by google.In other countries payee can transfer the money directly to their bank account from the Adsense account.If you lives in an area where courier services are not good then you should be worried if you are unable to receive your Adsense check like me.

Last Adsense cheque which was issued to me wasn’t delivered to me,I thought google automatically adds the money back to your Adsense account but it is not true.For the reissue AdSense cheque you have to contact google Adsense.

You can go to the Requesting a check reissue and fill the form

  • Have you received the check that you’d like to have reissued?
  • Has it been over 60 days since your check was originally issued?

Only then you are eligible to request a reissue of lost or returned Ad Sense cheque.It should be 60+ days after the cheque is issued from your Adsense account only then you can reissue of lost or returned AdSense cheque.

You have to fill up few necessary information about you,your Adsense account and the Cheque with the reason why you were unable to receive the Adsense Cheque.

Here is the Snap Shot of the Form :

Reissue Adsense ChequeAfter Filling this from you can click on submit and Reissue AdSense Cheque  request will be sent to Google Adsense.

Reissue Adsense Cheque

and with in 15 days the amount of money will be credited to your ad sense account.

Note : If you had wrong address in your AdSense profile, remember to correct the mistake before you apply for reissue of AdSense can also review your account settings one more time before sending the request to Reissue AdSense Cheque.

you can contact Google Ad sense team for more Information.if you find this article interesting Please Share the word.

UPDATE : If you haven’t received your check after 60 days, you can reissue the payment directly from your AdSense account. Visit your Payment history page to see the check issue date and current status. If the check still hasn’t been cashed after 60 days, you’ll see a ‘Re-issue payment’ link appear next to your check’s status in your Transaction history. Click ‘Re-issue payment’ and shortly after a new line item will appear showing that the check has been stopped and your refund is in progress. If you don’t see the option to re-issue the payment in your payment history and it has been more than 60 days since the check was issued

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