How to Reduce the photo Size into less than 10kb : Mostly Needed for Online Registration

How to Reduce the photo Size into less than 10 KB,Well One more How to Do post For my Friends and Visitors.In last Few day few of my friends filled so many online Form of Government and Non-Government Forms for Jobs.How To re size Images,How to Decrease the Size of my Image,How to make a Image Less than 10 KB in Size these are the General Queries I get Normally from Few Friends and also Found such Problems in Forums and Blogs.

Reduce the photo Size:

The main Reason Behind posting this Article is to help all others who Always think that for Filling Such forms and Re-sizing Their Image less than 10 KB (As mentioned in Rules and Regulation of all online Forms).

I tried to Edit Pictures in Adobe Photoshop,Microsoft Picture manager and Found that for a End user or a Busy person its really hard to Reduce the Size of an Image.Many Times It happens that Image stuck to a constant size of 11 and 12 KB and you are not able to reduce it lower to 10 Kb.I’ll suggest to go with the 11-12 or 13 KB size not more than that.

But most of us always Afraid of Rejection.So I will suggest all people having any trouble From relationships to Fixing a Ship or a Boat 😛 Try to use Google.Once you have Mastered it you will not have any problem longer than the Search results Showed by Google.
So you Not need to know about any photo Editing Tool Except the site I’ll mention Below.

  • Go to the Site Imageoptimizer
  • Upload your picture 
  • Give the Resolution of picture(if you Don’t know About it make it simply 160*160)
  • Set the mode to Small size
  • Click on Optimize now 

Taaadaaaaa !! You got a Image Less than 10 KB save it to your PC and Upload it Whenever,Wherever you Need it.

Or Download This Software for Free : Here

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