How to post your profile picture on Facebook Chat : Pic2Chat | send Any size of Picture in Chat | Photo code Generating App | New Update

It’s been long time since I have posted Something About Facebook Tricks Specially about the Facebook Chat Tips n Tricks.last time I posted about the Chat codes for Few Images by using those codes you can send the Troll face,Superman,Gusta,Winnie the Pooh and 20+ other faces.


Now we have something Bigger for you.You can post your profile picture or another picture from your PC to the chat,will have same size as Showed in Above Image.Add More Fun To Facebook Chat by Sending any picture of any Size in Facebook Chat.

Facebook have Evolved in many ways in last 8 years and Now it is a Subject of research for Programmers as many of the Facebook developer depends on facebook Earning.Facebook Features Leading them to new ideas and innovation in Existing ideas.

I liked this Code generating App of pictures so you can post your any picture on chat by simply pasting the Code of your Image.

For Converting your Image into codes follow these Easy Steps :

1) Goto This App : Chat2Pic

2) A box will appear 

3) Now you have Two Choices 

*Enter the Image URL From Internet 
*or upload a File from your local Disks

4) Now click on Submit after defining the Size for your Image (Image generated by code on chat will have the size you choose at this time)

5) After few seconds
6) Copy and paste the code on Chat and have fun.

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