How to Mention,Tag others From Google+ Circles in your Blog Post

Mentioning someone in your Articles is the best way to let others know that you’re talking about or referring  to them in your blog post. Google is embedding its Products and this new feature in Blogger helps You to mention a person, or a Google+ page(even if they don’t follow you Like I m not following +Barack Obama ).

It Also Depends upon on how every Individual has configured his Google+ settings.Evey mentioned Person might receive a notification about your Blog Post after you publish the post.

How to Mention,Tag others From Google+ Circles in your Blog Post

This is a new feature added to the Blogger,Now you can Tag your Friends ( +apoorva anand , +Martin Naithani ) in your Blog post For that Just add the + or @ sign and type the name of your Friends Family or Acquaintances from your Google+ Circles and they will be notified automatically about your post.

The name of tagged person will act as a Link to their Profile,and will give you ease to share your Post first with few specials.



Note:You can only mention people who are on Google+. But you can share with people who aren’t members yet by entering their email after the ‘+’ or ‘@’ signs.

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