How to Make Money With your Facebook Account and Also Get Fans to your Facebook Page [[Legal and Legit]]

make-money-234x60-2Fans of Csdoon always asked about  Making money through Facebook and I always replied that it is Really Difficult to earn from facebook because the spam filter on facebook Doesn’t allow few GPT and PTC sites Which can Help you making Online money.

“Make Money With your Facebook Account” may sounds you uneasy as Facebook is a social networking site and one can’t earn money from it. But If you are a Facebook freak and addict then here is the best opportunity for you all. Now you can make money online with facebook easily.You can also get free fans from this Site for your facebook pages.

Recently, I Stumbled on  FanSlave. In this site Facebook users can easily make out some money from their own Facebook Account. Users need to just like the Fan Page and they will fill you with the real money for that, Isn’t it nice?

Just follow the steps Given Below :

  1.  Register at FanSlave and connect your real FB and Twitter Account with it
  2.  You  will see Account Overview page, Start to like the fanpages and follow on Twitter
  3.  You will credits accordingly (cash is the half of your credits)
  4.  When you will 15.00 EUR, you can apply for payment via paypal or alertpay

Note : It will take much time to earn money by just liking the fan pages, You need to refer friends with your own special referral link given and you can see the flow of money in your account. But you need to refer real and long lasting friends, and don’t try to cheat them.

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Earn More Money With FanSlave :

  1. You have to increase your FanRank (10 Fanrank = 6 Eur/day).
  2. Your initial fanrank will be 1 only, so try to be regular with Fanslave.
  3. Register more and more real friends which will increase your fanrank too
  4.  Also connect your Twitter account and start to follow for money
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2 thoughts on “How to Make Money With your Facebook Account and Also Get Fans to your Facebook Page [[Legal and Legit]]

  • August 15, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    well I am Still trying to get money from it as it required more referrals and Sharing Efforts.
    Thank you

  • August 15, 2012 at 7:11 am

    have u got money from fanslave? reply me , if it is not fake i will join under your link! !


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