How To Get the Old Facebook Back : 10 Browser apps

Few Browser apps and Extensions which can Help in How To Get the Old Facebook Back to you.
One personal Extension hide a particular function of Facebook Timeline version so for full access to old Facebook you have to apply all these extension majorly supported by Firefox and Google chrome.

1. Hide the News Ticker and Restore Your News Feed with Facebook Classic by Michael Donohoe

To compensate for the fact that it rearranges the order of your News Feed, Facebook now displays a constantly updated news “ticker” above the chat bar if you have it open, or the top right of your home page if you don’t.
This continually updating stream is a source of annoyance to many, while the edited news feed itself makes many Facebook users apoplectic with rage.
Facebook Classic will solve both these problems. In addition to nixing the ticker, it reverts your News Feed to chronological order. As a bonus, you can easily toggle it on and off.

2. For Firefox: Hide the News Ticker with Facebook Ticker Removal byAshley

This add-on for Firefox gets rid of the ticker, whether you have the right-hand side chat window open r not.
3. Hide Facebook Questions and Polls with Kill Facebook Questions byAaron Godin

Facebook introduced its “Questions” service as a way for users to get more from their social circle — and to compete with up-and-coming questions services.

If however, you don’t give a flying hoot whether your cousin goes with the kitten heels or the peep toe wedges, you can vanish such annoyances from your stream with this handy extension.

4. For Firefox: Hide Facebook Questions with F.B. Purity by steeev+Hiding Facebook Questions from your news stream is one of the tickbox options found in the comprehensive “F.B. Purity” add-on.


5. View Photos the Old Way with Revert FB Photo Viewer by Steve GilbertsonFacebook fancied up the way photos display with a new “theater” style, which makes each image a pop-up.

What was wrong with the old scroll-through-an-album method, we don’t know. But we do know a way to revert back.

This extension will get back the “previous/next” navigation, and nix the sloooow-loading windows.

6. For Firefox: View Photos the Old Way with Facebook Photo Theater Killer by David HarveyThis script works with Firefox for anyone who has Greasemonkey installed. It reverts your Facebook back to the old way of photo viewing, sans pop-ups.
7. See the Old Version of Chat with Get Back Old Facebook Chat byMugilan C. PrimeDear Facebook, what was wrong with old chat? Was it just too easy to see which of your friends was online? Too easy to ping someone a quick “hi?”

If you preferred the old way, this extension will disable the ticker and restore your Facebook chat to the little window on the bottom right of your screen.

8. For Firefox: Show Only Online Friends in Chat with Tidy Facebook Chatby Nicolas MaravittiThis Firefox option won’t get you back the old version of Chat, but it will hide all your offline friends, showing only those available, so it at least addresses one of new Chat’s UI issues.
9. Get the Comment Button Back with Facebook Comment Fixer by Matt KruseHow many times have you posted a half-finished comment by pressing “Enter” too soon? Yeah, us too.

Call us old-fashioned, but when we’re publicly commenting on content, we like to be sure before we hit send. Having to press Shift+Enter to create a line break is just too much hassle.

This extension restores the “Comment” button, and maps “Enter” to add a new line. You can be sure you won’t post any witticisms until they read exactly as you intended.

10. For Firefox: Get the Comment Button Back with F.B. Purity bysteeev+For Firefox users, the easiest alternative is F.B. Purity. One of the many features this add-on offers is the return of the “Comment” button.

2 thoughts on “How To Get the Old Facebook Back : 10 Browser apps

  • June 7, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    Well I appriciate your Effort but this trick Does not work anymore because Timeline has been rolled out for every user of FB from developoer mode.

    any ways thanks for comment keep visiting. 🙂

  • May 27, 2012 at 3:35 am

    Another trick is there to remove timeline

    1. Log in to your Facebook account
    2. Then visit this page Developers
    3. Towards your left you will see apps.
    Choose the app you created for
    4. Click the Edit Settings link,
    5. Then on the settings page
    towards bottom-left you will see many
    options under related links , Choose
    Delete App. Which will delete the
    timeline app.


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