What do I need to play this mod?
#Arma 2: Combined Operations (Arma II + Operation Arrowhead)
#Run the game once before proceeding Arma 2 BETA DayZ Mod Files (See below)#DayZ SixUpdater-Installer/Updater/Launcher (Official)
Six-Updater will automatically install the latest ARMA II: CO beta patch as well as update your DayZ mod files. It also includes a DayZ server browser.#If using Steam, run both ARMA2 and ARMA2: Combined Operations once to complete installation.
#Download the latest version of Six-Updater from https://dev-heaven.net/projects/six-arma-updater/files
#Run the Six-Updater exe file and install to the location of your choosing.
#When install is complete, there will be two “Six” programs (Six Updater and Six Launcher). Run “Six Launcher.”
#You should see a DayZ themed program with a server browser. Click the Update button in yellow on the left.
#When update is complete, select a server and pres Join.For More : SourceOr

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