How to Connect VPN and Configure it

There are Three Basic Questions About VPN’s (If I skip the Elementary One Which is What is VPN).Yesterday if Someone would have asked me about these Question most probably I would have said “I don’t Know” But recently I read about it on a Forum.

How to Connect VPN and Configure it:

When you are a newbie to it these are 3 questions/problems you’ll face in setting up a VPN.

1.How to connect to VPN.
2. Where to paste config
3. and Password cannot be readI don’t Consider Myself a PRO in Setting up a VPN or Hacking,and I get irritated when someone says a newbie ask a Lots of Questions.So here is a Simple Method I found on a Forum which might help you.A Basic tutorial only for newbies and those who don’t know how to manage and use key and cert files

  • Download the openvpn or nmdvpn
  • Install amd Now go to
  • Xp users c>program files>openvpn(or nmdvpn)>config.
  • windows 7 users c>program files (x86)>openvpn(or nmdvpn)>config.
  • Paste your config here.
  • Now run the openvpn(or nmdvpn) as administrator.
  • Note : Right click and then Click on run as administrator.
  • After that the openvpn(or nmdvpn) will minimise in window tray at bottom left corner .
  • Right click on that openvpn (or nmdvpn) in windows tray.
  • Select the server(config files u added) which u want And then Connect
For Detailed Info goto this Post : How to Surf Free Internet with PD PRoxy

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