How to bypass Fileice surveys to Download a File

If you Don’t know about Fileice then you don’t need to read this article.But For those who are annoyed and irritated from spending countless seconds on surveys  to get a file from a fileice.FileIce is a revolutionary Pay Per Download site utilizing the highest converting incentive surveys, offering you the best payout rates in order to leverage your content and make you money on the web.

first of all the disclaimer is that I have never downloaded a Single File from fileice as I suppose it is waste of time to complete some random surveys and then getting a Spam link.So My first Advice will be don’t download from the fileice (As prevention is better then Cure).

Second thing is that you have to Watch this Video to bypass Fileice surveys.

And the Shortest solution is that you can Download the Software mentioned in the Video from this Link.

It is the Only Solution I got from the Internet (by Googling).If you Know a Better solution and have any other Tricks please do mention in Comments

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