How to Add Adsense Code in your Template For Better Ads Placement

Today I have Placed Two Ad Units below my Post Title and at the End of the Blog Post.This is Very Simple   and Effective Technique to Get Maximum revenue out of Adsense.For Implementing these Ad Unit below and Above your Post there are Two Simple Methods.

In first Method you have to Add Adsense code manually Every time you create a Post by Going in HTML section of Post and by pasting Adsense code in Desired position.In second method you Directly add a Ad unit cod ein your Blogger Template and then Every Post on your Blog will have a Ad Unit Above or Below (as you want) your Blog Post.

Method First : How To Add Adsense Ads in between blogger posts?

This is a manual procedure.First of All you have to Login your Adsense Account then Goto My Ads tab and Get code for any Adsense Unit In my Case I have Used 338*280 Adsense Unit.

After Getting Code for the Ad unit

Create a Post on Blogger by clicking New Post.write your Post and then Click on upper left corner of Editor HTML tab paste the Copied Ad unit Code there and Publish your Post.Everytime you need a Ad unit in Between your Posts you have to Do it Manually.

Method Second : How to Add Adsense Code in your Template ?

This Method is Little difficult as we have to Edit the Template but if you Follow these Instructions you’ll do it Easily.

Copying the Ad unit code from your Adsense Account is Same as in Previous Method Now if you want the Ads appear after Title of your Blog Post just Follow these Instruction.

Go to  Template and Then Click on Edit HTML (Before Editing Template Please make a Back up of your Template)
Now Check on Expand Widget Templates

Now press Ctrl+f and search  

Now For Displaying Ads before your Post and Below your Title Paste the Encoded Adsense Code before this Tag.

For Displaying Ads Just After your Post Paste the Encoded Adsense Code just after the Given Tag.
Now the Mystery is How to Encode the HTML code for your Template ?
As if you Have noticed that the Code used in Template is not a pure HTML code.XML coding is Used to create the Blogger Template

Where For Ads
‘<‘ becomes ‘&lt;’
‘>’ becomes ‘&gt;’
‘”‘ (double quote) becomes ‘&quot;’
”’ (single quote) becomes ‘&#039;’
‘&’ becomes ‘&amp;’

so you have to Encode the Code First Before you Paste it in Template.Use This Encoder to Encode your Adsense Code for Template.

Just paste the Code from your Adsense Account.

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