How to Activate Your BBM & Other BlackBerry Services

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I was kind of confused as to what I was supposed to do to Activate my BBM on my new BlackBerry on Prepaid so I made this video to show all the confused people out there how to do it..


Basically: When you get a New BlackBerry without a BlackBerry data plan, you won’t be able to use most of it’s services, including the wildly popular BlackBerry Messenger and E-Mail.

What you are then required to do, is pay a fee per month to use these services free of charge (No data usage charges). This fee is around R59.

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When on Contract, you must allocate the additional BB plan to your contract and thus pay an extra 60 – 100 rand a month on your contract to use BBM.

If you are not on Contract, you must manually activate the services every month at a fee of R59 p/m.

All you have to do is SMS the word “BlackBerry” to the number: 100, and your BlackBerry services will be activated for 30 days.

Don’t be alarmed by the at first “daunting” price of R59 p/m. You will soon realize that you will NOT be charged for any 3G Browsing data charges 🙂 Which means that while you have the plan active, you won’t be using any airtime when you surf your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and BlackBerry App world downloads will also be uncharged.

It feels good when you get home after a long days browsing of all your favourite Social Networks and you check your Airtime, and you haven’t spent anything.

Watch This Video Here

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