How does Facebook make money : Likes and Comments

Facebook is the The No.1 Social Networking Site having More then 900 million users All over the world and Best part about Facebook is that all the Feature Provided by Facebook are free for anyone.You can Upload Photos,Create pages,Send messages,Create Events,Share Videos and Links,Write note and video Chatting and Many more other Services are free for a Facebook user.
In the Case of Google it Provides so many Paid services and the Google Adsense is the most popular CPC Advertisement program about which everybody knows,Android services,Chrome Store,Webmaster tools,Youtube,and many more sites are owned by the Google.So In making Money the side of Google is pretty Clear.
Now You may wonder :How does Facebook make money? Sure, 900 million users and billions of photos, but how is this a business? It’s pretty simple, actually.
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The majority of Facebook’s business is advertising: Those little ads on the right side of the Facebook screen.It looks Like a Suggestion to you that “Your Friend and 32 others likes Technosphere” but it is a Ad which is created by technosphere and paid facebook some amount of money.This Stratergy of facebook working very fine as everyone is Interested that What there Friend liked on facebook.
After launching New Feature of Page promotion in minimum amount of 5$ it is Expected that facebook will Earn more from pages now and you’ll be seeing more Promotional/Sponsored posts on Facebook.
The first three months of this year, Facebook sold $872 million worth of advertising, or almost $1 per user. That represented 82% of Facebook’s sales, which sounds like a lot. But it’s actually down from 85% last year and 95% in 2010.
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The rest of Facebook’s business is payments and “other fees”: Mostly selling Facebook credits, which people use in games like FarmVille & Zynga.
Facebook takes a 30% cut of Zynga’s revenue, and a roughly similar cut from other companies. Virtual goods accounted for 12% of Facebook’s revenue for 2011, according to documents filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

With Facebook users happy to spend $445million (£283million) on goods that only exist virtually, it’s easy to see why investors ploughing money into Facebook this week might expect it to be a one-way bet.

Facebook has already said it “may seek to extend the use of payments to other types of apps in the future” – but how well this will go down with Facebook users who are used to the site being completely free is anyone’s guess.

credits : Yahoo! Finacne

Facebook’s figures are quite astonishing. The site’s initial public offering (IPO) was priced at $38 a share, giving the site a $104billion (£66billion) valuation and making it the third-largest offering in US history.

That rated Facebook as bigger than Amazon (£62billion), Cisco (£57billion) but behind Google(£129billion) and Apple (£315billion).

Not bad for a site that’s only eight years old and was set up by students in a Harvard dorm. It now has 900 million active users and if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world (after China and India).

Facebook claims it had an average of 526 million daily active users in March 2012, an increase of 41% from a year ago. It had registered 125 billion “friend connections” as of 31 March and 3.2 billion “likes” and comments.

Independent figures show people looked at more pages and spent more time on Facebook last month than on any other site in the world (including Google).
Stats Data Compiled From : Yahoo! Finance

So isn’t it Like Facebook Earning from Our LIKES and Comment and Interest as All the Features are Free to use but all these features provided by facebook are for there Research for the market so they can Earn more precisely and without letting you know About it.There many more other services like facebook apps,Now App centre(Now Released in India also) of facebook Which will Increase the Facebook Revenue.

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