History of Dehradun Valley : 1900-1953

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarkhand.It is a beautiful valley that lies in the foothills of The Himalayas.Geographically,Dehradun has two great rivers touching it,The Ganges and The Yamuna.History of Dehradun Valley

The name of the city has its history,Guru Ram Rai once camped  here and thus Dehra(from the word Dera which means camping) was connected to Doon which means valley.Thus DehraDun,the name came into existence.

If we talk of the history of Dehradun,let me share with you a timeline.

History of Dehradun Valley yearwise:

1900:First train reached Dehradun from Haridwar.District Postal System was abolished.First radio station was setup,which was later shut.

1901: Telephone was first introduced in Dehradun.

1906:Forest Research Institute came into existence.

May 24th,1909:Bulb was first lit in Mussoorie.

1918:Bulb was introduced in Dehradun.

1920: First car was driven upto Kulri via Jharipani by Col E.W. Bell, son-in-law of ‘Swetenhams and owner of the Clouds End Estate

1922: RIMC was set up as Royal Indian Military College.

1930: Railway Staff College was set up in the present Chetwode building of IMA.

1932:IMA was established after Railway Staff College was shut down.

1935: Doon School was inaugrated by Lord Wellington.

July 2nd,1948:Foundation stone for  the Balbir Tower (Clock Tower) was laid by then governor of UP, Sarojini Naidu to mark the independence of India.

1953: Clock tower was completed and inaugurated by Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Some prominent people who have helped in the glorious development of the city are:

Seth Bhagwan Das Family:

His family started the first bank in Dehradun known as Bhagwan Das Bank Ltd.Seth Nemi Das built the Jugminder Hall (Town Hall), Women’s Hospital Wing at the Doon Hospital and the only Sports Pavilion in the city.

 Rai Bahadur Choudhary Sher Singh:

Rai Bahadur Chaudhary Sher Singh was the chairman of the District Board. As chairman he took development to the rural areas. Most of the major roads in the villages were built during his time. He also opened many schools in the villages.

Rai Bahadur Ugrasen:

He was the chairman of Dehradun Nagar Pallika. He built the two main shopping malls, Manda House Complex on a part of old Nashville Estate and Astley Hall Shopping Mall on Rajpur Road. He also helped in bringing piped water into Dehradun municipality.

Barrister Darshan Lal:

He was the chairman of Mussoorie City Board. He increased the power generating capacity of Bhatta Falls. During his chairmanship the Dehradun-Mussoorie Road was extended up to Kingcraig from Bhatta. He was also instrumental in building the Landour Clock Tower.

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