Google Webmaster Tools If you want to Indexed in Google search results and sick of registering your blog/website in Different Blog Directories then Try Google Webmaster Tools .
It is a Complete package where your Can Submit your Website,Configure your site,see performance of site on Web,Diagnostic of your site with extra tools for optimizing your site.

Lets start with First tab in Google Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster Tools

In this tab you can add multiple sites/blogs.Click on Add site and Input the URL of your Website.
Verify your Ownership of website/blog by 3 alternative methods.


Now If you have added your Site to Google webmaster Now you can configure your Website/blog with Different Tab available in Webmaster tools.
Just click on any site like I am showing you the Dashboard of

Where you can check all these options For your site.

Google Webmaster Tools
Sitemap Helps You to send your Rss or Atom feed to Google so it can be Indexed by google if you will not submit your sitemap it can happen that your pages will not be visible in Web index
Google Webmaster Tools
Keywords tells you variant of keywords used in your site and blog so you can optimize your site for key words.
Google Webmaster Tools
Google crawl your webpages and suggest you to correct any mistake reaching in a webpage.

Other Option in Webmaster Tools are

Google Webmaster Tools
In Dashboard summary of site configuration,your site on the web and +1 metric is provided.

If you go deeply in these tabs Individually then.
Sitemap : your Rss/Atom feed to google.
Crawler Access : How google crawl your site and time taken by it.
Sitelinks : Are the Links shown below your site in a Search result.
Change of address : is Not applicable for bloggers but site owners can change their site address here.
Settings : Manage Geographic target for your site and see crawl rate of your site.
URL parameters : you can Exclude some pages from index of Google.

Search Queries : shows all the queries which redirected traffic to your site from the Google search.
Links to your site : show all the websites which links to your website/blog.
Keywords : shows no of variant of a keyword for your website.
Internal links : shows the Internal linking of your web pages with the no of links for a Page.

Subscriber stats : shows the no of Google subscriber to your site.
Search Impact : this is new Feature of Webmaster tool. After launching Google+  +1d pages gets preference over non +1 pages on web.
Activity : shows how many Google users +1d your pages and site.
Audience : No of users came to your site because of +1 feature of google+

This Tool is Really a large descriptive Working so rest of the things I left on you Go to the Website and check out Other Cool features of Webmaster Tools.


If you use Google Webmaster Tools like this regularly, you’ll be aware of any (indexing) problems with your site in time, and have a thorough understanding of how your site is doing. Make sure you add this to your weekly routine!

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