What is Google Plus Button : What Does It Mean : Its Role In SEO : How To Add Google +1 Button To Your Blogger/WordPress Blog Or Website (Info) (Tips N Tricks)


While on internet, you must have noticed +1 button of various sizes on web pages or Google search results.

You may be wondering what does this +1 mean.

  • +1 is small button (commonly known as Google +1 ) which signifies ‘I LIKE IT’ or ‘I RECOMMEND IT’

In other words, it is public way of stamping something with your approval, so that yours friends, contacts and other websites to find the best results they are looking for.

According to Google, it has two meanings :

  • Recommend on Search,
  • Share on Google+

Role Of Google Plus Button in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to SEO, Google +1 button is hugely advantageous.
Your rank in Google search results dramatically increases if you +1ed by few people.

  • You can see the impact of +1 within your own search results, i.e. complete a search; navigate to page 3 of the results and +1 a single result Google returned.
  • Now complete the same search again, it’s likely that the result you +1ed will be elevated within the new set of results.
  • So, If you want to increase your website/blog ranking in Google search results, do include +1 button on you posts.

How To Add Google Plus Button To Blogger Blog

There are two ways of doing this. The first one :

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML
  • Click on the “Expand Widget Template” and search for and paste the code given below just before it.
  • Now copy and paste the code given below where you want Google +1 button to appear on your blog.
  • Save the template and check your blog for Google +1 button.

If you want then you can change the design of the Google +1 button by changing the size as medium, standard and tall.
You can also change the position of the Google +1 button by changing the float as left or right.

The second way (It works only if you are using default template) :

  • Just go to the Blogger Dashboard > Design > Page Elements > Blog Posts.
  • Now click on the Edit option, and select the “Show Share Buttons” option.
  • If you are already using the Share buttons then, the Google +1 button will automatically show up as a new share option. Select it and save it. Done 🙂
How To Add Google +1 Button To WordPress Blog
  • Login to your WordPress account.
  • Go to the Editor Option in Appearance, in the left toolbar.
  • Go to header.php search for and immediately before that place the following code
  • Now you will have to Add the button you can do that by editing single.php by adding this code where you want to place the button.

It will be good if you place it just next to all social sharing options like the Facebook’s “like” button. Once you do all this you are done with the adding.
For More Info Consider the Google Developer Site

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