Google Doodle’s on 107th anniversary of Winsor Zenic McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland on Google’s Homepage

Its been a Long Time since we have posted about any Google Doodle,Today Google Doodle’s on 107th anniversary of Winsor Zenic McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland a Animation on Google’s Homepage.The Animated doodle,shows the story of Little Nemo in Slumberland, through various panels.Google imprint is ever present in each story panel, you can see the Google, G, e’s and l all playing their own parts in the story.

Winsor Zenic McCay, born on September 26, 1869 in Spring Lake, Michigan (U.S), was an animator and cartoonist who worked under the pen name Silas for legal reasons.Little Nemo in Slumberland was his first comic strip series that revolves around about the little character Nemo and his dreams. The intriguing character has to reach ‘Slumberland’, the realm of King Morpheus, as the latter wanted Nemo with his daughter.

He realized his zeal towards art during his youth while he was in Ypsilanti. So, to pursue his passion, he underwent his only formal art training fromEastern Michigan University formerly known as John Goodison of Michigan State Normal College.

Winson McCay was highly admired for his bold use of colour. And with his creativity he amazed his readers and surpassed his contemporaries, and also set an example of inspiration for many.

His first major comic strip was ‘A Tale of the Jungle Imps’ by Felix Fiddle based on creatures of jungle that tells about their adaptation to a hostile world.

In July 26, 1934, the animator and cartoonist Winsor Zenic McCay died of a cerebral embolism and was cremated at the Cemetery of the Evergreens in Brooklyn.

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