How to Get mobile recharge or movie tickets for free from Amulyam

First of all if you are the Victim of those scams Who claims to give you 100-1000 Rupees recharge for free then you are reading a Right post.
This Post contains Valid and Legit method to get free recharge and movies tickets from Amulyam.Here FREE does not mean that you’ll get everything without doing anything but it means that this service will be free of cost and its better than sharing some blogs who Fool people about free recharge.You’ll not pay a Single paisa for this, just go to site and create a free account and follow the instructions there and you’ll know the validity and authenticity of this post.

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So here We go: Amulyam is the  instant incentive marketing program that offers prepaid mobile recharge and movie tickets for free for doing what you already do online:buying flight tickets, registering on websites, shopping online, subscribing to matrimony or movie rental websites, applying for loan, insurance, credit card…etc.

The word ‘Amulyam’ means the invaluable or priceless in Sanskrit.It clearly describes the significance of free mobile recharge or movie tickets they offer.

How do They give you mobile recharge or movie tickets for free?

Most of the times, knowingly or unknowingly, you might have clicked on banner ads or text ads on any website and have made registration or bought something from the advertiser’s website. In general, when you reach advertiser’s website by clicking on an ad and buy a flight ticket or train ticket or apply for an internet connection or dth..etc, advertiser pays to the intermediary ad network like google adwords and they in turn pay to the website owner. Here, from the money that’s being charged from advertiser for every single sale or registration, some money goes to the ad network and some to the website owner.

In amulyam’s smartest instant incentive model, ad network is being replaced by amulyam and our users come in place of website owners. In simple words, they partner with advertisers who need sales or registrations and when their users complete required transactions on their advertisers websites, by leveraging technology they identify the right transaction and immediately send an email and SMS informing about the incentive to  users. So, users can instantly use the incentive to get prepaid mobile recharge or movie tickets for free.

Spending those few minutes on amulyam before you do anything on the web could give you prepaid mobile recharge and movie tickets for free.

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  • July 27, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    Gey guys, alternatively, you guys could always try way2sms which offers free recharge for sharing ads.. or, try which I highly recommend since it is easier to earn more recharge in this. All the best..


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