How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account legit and legal way no Tricks

How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account ? We all know For a Newbie Blogger Main question is about “ How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account “

  • Why Google Rejected My Adsense Approval?
  • What Should I Do To Get Approved Google Adsense Account ?

When I heard first time about google adsense, I started thinking about How To Get Approved  Google Adsense Account. I rushed to access internet to get adsense approval and failed.It took 30 – 40 days any everytime Google Rejected my Adsense Approval.I tried with My different blogs and Email IDs but result was Rejection from Adsense team and One more disapproved ID of Gmail.

Get Approved Google Adsense Account
Adsense Approval Tips

In that meanwhile it helps me to do some research about adsense approval.After this Post I’ll tell you the Method I got the Google Adsense Approval even without having a Blog within 2 days.but first These are the Basic Requirements for Getting a Approved legally a Google Adsense.Let me share the information and answer your following queries.

Considering the First Question Why Google Rejected My Adsense Application ?

There are Several reasons that why Google rejects your Adsense Application.First main reason is that the blog you have submitted for approval do not follow the Google policies.It should need to be changed according to the TOS of Adsense.

For that read Adsense Policies and if you are trying to Approve an Adsense application through a blogspot blog you should also go through the Blogger TOS.


Most Important : How To Get Approved For Google Adsense Account ?

For Getting Approved from Adsense you need to work on the reasons of rejections of your the mail sent by Adsense team and review the reasons,rectify them and again apply for Adsense.

Few things you should take in consent before applying again for Adsense.

  1. Do not apply till your blog gets handsome amount of Organic traffic from search Handsome amount of traffic i mean wait till your blog gets approx 800-1000 visitors per day from google.
  2. Make sure your blog follow a particular niche which helps google to approve your Adsense application easily.
  3. Keep the Quality of your posts and make sure there is no copyright violation in content.
  4. Submit your Blog to Google for Indexing your pages in their database Use Google webmasters tool & google Analytics for monitoring your Blog/site performance.

I’ll suggest wait for at least 2 month and create at least 15-30 Good Quality Original content on your Blog. Submit the Sitemap to google and wait till you’re  all pages are Indexed in google.

you can check that by searching in google . When you have decent traffic and all above mentioned things covered up I am sure google will approve you Adsense Application.

If you have any query or suggestion Please mention in Comments or contact Us.

It’s Fun to Help Others.

P.S : I got my Adsense Approval with the Help of Indyarocks and it seems that now they are not providing any Adsense account.

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