Tricks for getting 3G speed on 2G plan can be seen on every second Tips and Tricks site but they Don’t Confirm that Trick will work or Not.
Initially it started When BSNL 2G sim was Downloading data at speed of a 3G Network but it was the fault of BSNL administration and technical problem, Which were resolved later by BSNL now we don’t get 3G speed (1-10 Mbps) on Simple 2g sim of BSNL.The Pricing of 3G data plans are touching sky, so Common men like us are forced to use slow speed (10-20 KBPS) of 2G networks.
As I did it in my recent posts I searched over the Internet for most promising posts about the 3G hacks and Tricks.So I came Across two working Tricks on two different sites Which seems legit to me.

As You Know if you use Aircel Connection for Internet access Aircel has a 98 Rupees Plan for Unlimited Internet access and Downloading.

Check out these two Posts about latest working Hack and Trick for 3G Aircel Network.Basically it is Hacking 3G Network from a 2G sim it is Not Necessary that you have to buy a 3G sim You can use your Normal 2G sims Trick works fine on that.Try any of These and Tell us if you Find them useful.

First Hack For Aircel Sim :

Aircel is leading GPRS and internet service provider in india.Speed of Internet is very high because Providing internet access is aircel’s special service.We are posting our first aircel gprs trick by which you can use free aircel 3G internet in your mobile.We have new working proxy by which you have to make new setting and get free internet access.

#Instruction to Use
Step 1: Make new setting
HOMEPAGE:Whatever you want

–> Step 2: Save settings and get free gprs on can use this trick on PC also. just connect your mobile and try to use it.

Second Hack For Aircel Sim :

Step 1.Create New Gprs Settings In Your Mobile Phone
Step 2.Connection Name–Aircel Free Gprs
Step 3.APN (Access point name) :
Step 4.Use Proxy –Yes Enabled
Step 5.Proxy Address–
Step 6.Proxy Port –80
Step 7.Homepage–

After Creating The Setting Switch Off Mobile Phone And Restart Again Now Go Mobile’s Browser And Enjoy Free 3G Aircel Gprs at zero cost

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