Finding Ways to Disable the Timeline : Is it Possible or Just a Hoax [[Report]]

I heard different Views From different Users about Facebook Time Line.So I thought to help them by giving them a post on my Blog “How To Remove Timeline” but when I turned to Google For my Queries then I found that there is No going Back if Once you Activated Timeline.

So Enjoy Timeline and Its New Features and Stop Complaining About it.

So Before Reading This post I want you To know that If you are Finding Ways to Disable the Timeline? Unfortunately Facebook Doesn’t Let You Do That.

But You can see how Websites and Scams are making profit out of your Problem.


Facebook users are slowly converting their profiles to the new Timeline style, which will be inevitable for all users eventually, but with that comes some pining for the old Facebook style. Some scam artists are capitalizing on those who want to reverse and go back.

The social network has been unable to keep up with the volume of pages that are fraudulent or otherwise in violation of Facebook terms. There are few, if any, preventative measures to keep these pages from being created. The company relies on users to report pages after the fact. Systems prioritize these reports and a team of reviewers respond by removing the page or alerting law enforcement if necessary. With 800 million people using the site, many issues can be resolved this way, but the new crop of Timeline-related scams shows the need for improvement, both in reducing Facebook scams and helping users understand how to protect themselves.

Any site saying you can reverse Timeline is reported to be a scam.

All Facebook users can do is accept that Timeline is here to stay and avoid trying to go back. Once users switch over to Facebook, they do have seven days to approve the profile before it goes public.

A number of scammers are taking advantage of Timeline backlash by developing pages that include deceptive instructions on how to revert to the old profile. These fraudulent Facebook pages prompt users to click a number of Like buttons, invite friends, watch YouTube videos and download files. Timeline, however, is permanent once a user opts in to try it, and will be mandatory across the site within weeks.

Despite Facebook’s efforts to educate users about the new profile, some people have misconceptions that make them susceptible to scams like these. We have found 16 Timeline-related scam pages, which have collectively gained more than 71,000 likes. The largest, with nearly 19,000 likes, has been around for at least two weeks. These pages are among the top search results when searching Facebook for “timeline.”

As of this writing, the Facebook Security page has not warned users of claims to deactivate Timeline. There is also nothing in the Help Center explicitly telling people that the feature cannot be removed.

Users who find fraudulent pages should use the “Report Page” button on the lower left hand side of the page.

But Don’t Give on Getting Old Facebook Back I have Posted about 10 browser Extensions Which can Get you back Few Features of old Facebook so Enjoy this post

Mention In Comments Your views About Timeline Or if You Find any other Way to Disable it Plz share here. 🙂

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