In my Last Widget Post I talked about the MBT’s Mashable Sharing Widget version 1 and version 2 Which is Helpful for a Blogger to Mix all social sharing Plugin at One Widget.Today I’ll like to talk about the Facebook Popup JQuery Like Boxes for a Blogger site.You Have seen different Types of Like Boxes on Different Blogs, where whenever you Enter a Pop up Appears and ask you to like the Blog’s Official page.Sometimes It also irritates visitors because of repeated appearance.So we have three different Facebook Popup JQuery Like Boxes which appears for a Limited time on you blog and you can also Customize it by adding time limit and target specific Visitors by their IP so that same visitor who have liked your page does not see the like box next time.


So lets Begin :
First Version: Simple jQuery Popup For Facebook LikeBox

jquery popup facebook likebox
Image Credits : Mybloggertricks

This widget pops up a jQuery window containing Facebook likebox as soon as a new visitor arrives. This plugin can be added to both Blogger Blogs and WordPress. This popup appears only once to every new visitor. The ip address of the visitor is stored in browser cookie and as the page loads again the widget wont be called again for the same visitor thus eliminating the chances of bugging regular readers. Because of course it will look weird if the popup appears again and again on every pageview. It will appear both on homepage and sub pages depending which page the visitor is accessing. I have set the cookie refresh time to 30 days, which means that this lightbox will appear again for the same visitor after 30 days. We can easily set the number of days to prompt the visitors about your Facebook Fan page. Lets get straight to the one step installation process.

Grab the Code for this Popup Widget goto jQuery Popup For Facebook LikeBox and Follow the Given Instruction.It is Really easy to Implement just keep in mind to backup your Template before Editing it.

Second Version : jQuery Facebook Likebox Popup For Blogger – v2
Facebook Likebox popup
Image credits mybloggertricks

In this version One more Feature is Added which was not present in version 1.In this Popup Box there is a Subscription Box Where your Visitors can sign up for your Daily newsletter and get the all Information about your Posts in there mails.
For Implementing this Popup Box with Subscription Feature goto  jQuery Facebook Likebox Popup For Blogger – v2 and follow the instruction Step by Step.

Third Version : Facebook LikeBox JQuery Popup with Timer!
Image credits mybloggertricks

I’ll not Consider it as a Update of last two versions But because it is on the series of two pop up JQuery Like boxes we can say it is the Third version of Facebook Like Box though it is Totally different from last two like boxes in look as well as in Coding.This Pop up box can be Implemented with Different type of Images.

Different Image Previews:
fbbutton   BecomeFanOnFacebook
facebookbuttonlike us on facebook
Image Credits : Mybloggertricks

This one includes a time counter and instead of likebox it displays a like button that links to your Fan Page and an attractive Image that also links to your fan page letting your visitors to either join your fan page by clicking the like button or by simply visiting your fan page by clicking the image.

You can set for how long the widget/plugin must display before disappearing automatically. It also includes a close option. You can also specify whether you want it to show immediately as soon as a visitor enters your site or after a specified time.
For Getting this on your Blogspot or WordPress Goto Facebook LikeBox JQuery Popup with Timer! and Copy and paste the code in your Blog Template.
In my Next post I’ll share my Experience with the Floating share boxes from MBT Till then enjoy having above mentioned Pop up jQuery Like Boxes and Spread the Word with your audience If you Liked This post you can Share it.

Happy Blogging
Keep Posting 🙂

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