Facebook also provide mail Services : How To use it ??

Today as usual I was surfing the Internet.These days Facebook is the Synonym of Internet so I was checking my messages.

All of the Facebook users don’t go to their Inbox as they chat always online.
But when I opened my message box in facebook I learned a New thing.
Facebook also provide mail Services,Few month ago when facebook provided the alternate Email address like example@facebook.com No one cared how to use it.

But today I Found it really useful. You can give your Facebook username email Id to anyone and all the files and messages sent to u will be in Your message box in Facebook.
But you will not get them from your regular message box .You have to follow these 2 steps to get your mails or attachments

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Step 1 : Click on Your message Tab present in left side bar.

Step 2 : Click On Others Tab below messages

Now click on the sub heading below the message “Other” all the messages sent by other then your friends are here so Enjoy this feature of facebook and forget conventional Emailing via Gmail or yahoo.For Composing a Message to Facebook message Box goto your Gmail or Yahoo account and Compose a Mail to your Facebook Email address For me it is amyrawat@facebook.com.

Mail me If have any Confusion 😉

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