Earn Money from your Blog for putting Text Links : LinkVehicle Review

LinkVehicle is an SEO advertising company that connects advertisers with the network of top notch publishers.After Posting about the Viglink which convert your content into Affiliate Links and pays you Commission from the Sale but if there is no sale then you have no earning. adsenseLinkVehicle
In this Case you’ll get paid for Every link you put on your site because Link vehicle filters all the offers and Choose best offer for you.

There are three Ways you can Earn through the LinkVehicle

1)Publish Text-Links: Link vehicle pays you for Simply placing text links on your Site,The money offered to you depends upon the Alexa Traffic rank and the Page rank of your Blog/Website.
2)Publish Blog Reviews: If You Blog about different products and Site reviews then you can also Post a Review on your blog about the link you have offered by link vehicle.the minimum length is 200 words for a review.
3)Participate in TopLinks [The Best Way]

Whether you’re a Text-Link publisher, a Review publisher, or just have website, you can participate in Top Links!

What Does This Mean For Bloggers?

A TopLink is a link from your homepage to a review’s permalink. TopLinks help publishers realize ongoing income for reviews, while providing advertisers with continuous SEO value.

When an advertiser buys a review from the LinkVehicle marketplace, they can upgrade to a TopLink if the website is a participant. You will be paid normally for the review, but will then continue to receive half that amount every month that the TopLink runs. This is an internal link, so it won’t count against your outgoing links for SEO purposes. TopLinks will help you convert the one-time income from writing reviews into an ongoing source of revenue.

What Does This Mean For Text-Link Publishers?

If you can add new pages to your site, you can participate in TopLinks!

When an advertiser requests content, simply create a simple HTML document on a new page. Place an internal link on your homepage to this document and you’re all set! You’ll receive a one-time payment for creating the content and a recurring payment for half that amount every month the TopLink runs.

How it Works


  • Place ads manually or use our server-side script
  • Have complete editorial control
  • Easy work big money!
  • Receive 50% revenue share
  • Make Money Blogging by writing reviews
  • Monthly payments on the 1st
  • You can accept or reject any review
  • Register your Blogs for FREE!

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