How to download free music safely on Ipod,iPhone and Other Mobile Devices : List of Few Sites,Softwares & app

The Title may  Suggest you  How to Download free music from Internet but Today’s Post is more concerns with From Where to Download and you will know later Why I am saying this.

Today we have something Musical for our Regular Audience and Unique Visitors.I will tell you about the Sites  having most Influence on Internet  in the Terms of Music Downloads.

Music Download related to Ipod, iPhone,Android Devices,iTunes and your local Hard Drives without paying a single penny.There are thousands of sites claiming free music download but few of them are able to provide you music you wants.Mp3 format of music is most popular format and Easy to download.Some site may offer free music but they can compromise your system with viruses and Trojan.
I have Compiled a List of Free Music sites which can be trusted and Fully safe to Download any kind of  music.I have also listed the top two free Soft-wares for free music download on any mobile device,with the Free iTune music tip and a Android app for Android Users at the nd of the post.

So lets Begin 
Popular Free Music Websites is dedicated to index and organize music that has been legally posted on the Internet.They have access to more than a million free mp3 downloads and free music downloads all over the internet which makes them one of the best music search engine on the net. You can legally listen to any mp3 file before you download it and you can post your mp3 on your page/profile for is a free Mp3 search engine where you can search and download all your favorite full songs,videos and lyrics for free! You can also create a free playlist and embed it anywhere you want! All the songs are full length and can be downloaded for free with a click of a button! is an easy way to listen and download music. You can find your favorite songs in their multimillion database of quality mp3 links.they provide fast and relevant search. You can also post music in your blog or personal site. is a music recommendation service. You use by signing up and downloading The Scrobbler, which helps you discover more music based on the songs you play.

iTunes Free Music

iTunes has a whole page dedicated to free downloads. To access Free On iTunes, first open iTunes and click the iTunes Store item on the left-hand sidebar. Once you’re in the iTunes Store homepage, look for a Quick Links heading on the right side. Underneath that heading will be aFree On iTunes link. Click the link, and voilà! This page features all sorts of free content, including music, movie clips, TV shows, apps, and even “new and notable” podcasts.
To download a free item, just click the little gray Free button. You will need an iTunes account to download anything from the iTunes Store.
Free Software to Download Free Music including songs,Videos,and all other Legal Stuff to your Mobile Device :

iMesh 11 gives you access to over 15 million songs and videos,all legal and free! Sync with your iPod, listen to DJ stations,discover new artists and share with friends.iMesh is the longest standing P2P service in the world.Work on iMesh began in 1998, with the introduction of the first iMesh in 1999 – slightly after the original Napster. they were the first to introduce many technologies to the P2P world, such as multi source downloads (known today as Swarming), effective resumes, video downloads,offline searches and more.

BearShare gives you access to over 15 million songs and videos, all legal and free!Sync with your iPod, listen to DJ stations, discover new artists and share with friends. Connecting an iPod / MP3 player is as easy as plugging it in. You can transfer songs to and from you iPod manually, or have BearShare automatically sync your library with your device each time you connect it

Why BearShare 10 is the best?
##Free MP3 music downloads
##Share your profile, make new friends
##iPod and MP3 players support
##Discover and download free music and videos

Finally a Android App for Free Music Download 


A must have musical application let you free download thousands of music and mp3 to your sdcard. You can easily manage these music in your sdcard including rename, categorize, delete, share and so on, and also you can make your personal ringtong from music on your sdcard.
App Screen Shots
Install it for Free Here
This is All about the Free Music From Internet With legit sites,Free Softwares and a Android app.Now you know From Where to Download the Free Music and How to Downlaod it.Enjoy these free Sites and Software and Have a Musical Life.

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