HTML documents are converted to PDF file format in order to make them easily to share and store. PDF files can be stored easily on your computer and are easy to share, whereas HTML documents cannot be shared on different browsers making it quite cumbersome to handle. There are many solutions that can be utilized for converting HTML to PDF so that you can transfer files easily without any compatibility issues. Every method of conversion has different effects moreover these converters are quick and free of cost. It is important that you choose your converter with your requirements in mind. Some converters do not include dynamic images and links and hence it is necessary to choose an efficient converter that gives you desired results. It is necessary to know how to convert html to pdf using c# if you intend to use a converter for your documents.html to pdf

The key reasons why you should convert html to pdf using c# is that you can get incredible benefits of using pdf file format, few of them are mentioned here:

Handle large files easily

Pdf file format allows you to compress large files so that you cans share them easily without any issues. Pdf files do not use any extra hardware tool and speed up your ability to transfer files.

Secure format

Pdf format is very secure since it leaves an electronic footprint it there are any changes made in the original document. This makes it apt for documentation purposes.

Ease of sharing

You can now share your files without any issues which were otherwise not possible when you use html format. This helps you share files with users with different browsers. You can see the format in which the documented will be printed when you see its electronic pdf version.

In order to know How to convert html to pdf using c#, you should follow the steps:

–        Know your requirements and then choose the converter that will give desired results

–        Follow the step by step process prescribed by the conversion provider

–        Download the conversion software

–        Upload the html file to be converted

–        The code used to convert html to pdf is run and the file gets converted

–        Save the file that you receive after conversion

–        Your pdf format document is ready


This article gives you information about the reasons why the conversion of HTML to pdf is so useful. It also helps you understand the procedure of conversion using c#.


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