Building the modern web : CodeLobster PHP Edition.

As the web evolves, more and more people start to build businesses in virtual world – they provide information on web sites; sell every type of goods via Internet; afford different services, etc. So all these businesspersons need some technical specialist to organize their web embassies in the best way it is possible. That is when the real web master comes to stage and become valuable.

To be the desirable specialist you as the web master must study a lot, know a lot and use the most professional but at the same time productive and easy-to-use tools. One of the most important program, which need to be installed on your working computer, is IDE – Integrated Development Tool, kind of “next generation of code editors”. One of the most profound IDE is CodeLobster PHP Edition. It helps you organize your work and keep everything in order, at the same time it provides almost unlimited help systems for every piece of your code, no matter what web-technology you are using at the given time – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or XML – it is “multilingual” and multi-functional.

 CodeLobster PHP Edition

The majority of features and functions implemented in Code-lobster PHP Edition works to improve two main criteria of any excellent work – speed and quality. Concretely:

  • code highlighting allows you to visually separate HTML from JavaScript and from PHP within the same file, helping you to understand quickly, what language to use;
  • auto-suggestions and auto-complete functions for all the languages and supported frameworks drastically increase the speed of typing at the same time avoiding typos;
  • advanced help system provides huge amount of useful information about functions, tags, selectors, etc. – all at one place;
  • code parsing demonstrates the full structure of your project, including all functions, classes, objects, CSS-selectors, etc. – in the hierarchical handy view – facilitating your access to them;
  • code collapsing helps to keep focus on the current task, hiding complete pieces of code;
  • FTP-support, which organize your work with remote files within the same program window;
  • SQL-manager, which gives you DB management support with full CRUD-functionality for database data and ability to run SQL-queries;
  •  popular CMSs and frameworks support, which increase the speed of project development when using:
    • PHP-frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii;
    • CMSs: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress;
    • jQuery for JavaScript;
    • Smarty template engine;
  • and much more.

Main functionality of CodeLobster PHP Edition is available for free. However, some advanced features demand additional fees to be paid.

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