: Stepping Stones For Programmers

So you really want to be an effective programmer.What are the options you may choose from in fulfilling this dream?

  • You may take admission in an engineering school
  • You may get admitted to some other private institute.
  • Some place which may provide you with a certification.

But do these options  actually help you aspire your dreams of becoming a capable programmer?? The answer my friend is a BIG NOTaking admission in an engineering institute will never be enough. The problem these days is that we have too many schools but rarely do we have the qualified teachers.There is too much of theory being taught but the implementation of this knowledge is in itself a rarity.

So what is the solution to this problem??

The most popular answer to this question is,“We as students should be responsible enough to implement what is being taught.We have to practice the codes daily and ask our teachers if there is any difficulty”  That is not what we as students think is the right answer.

Coding can be quite boring if it is not interactive.We are unable to sit down if front of the computer and write even a small code such “HELLO WORLD”. I can bet on the fact that many of the computer science engineering graduates have ever written this code on their PC. It is too boring unless you have a few other people sitting around you and coding.

So how can overcome such barriers in learning the concepts of coding. I have been searching for an answer on the internet and recently I came across a site called CODE.ORG . is a non-profit foundation dedicated to growing computer programming education.

Guys if you really want to learn the art of coding then this is your platform. It is the most interactive online tutor I ever came across.

Here are some facts about the computer engineering industry,which I got from the website of

coder info
Do check out the website and start coding !!

Rise and shine

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