Check out the Class of memory card before you Buy : Don’t get trapped in Cheap Offers

If you already know this Skip the Rest of the post 😉

Now days you have seen those ads,deals and Offer claiming you to provide the memory card in cheaper price.Don’t be in hurry to buy after seeing these ads these are the Affiliate marketing tricks where customers are looted by companies without providing any further Information about the product,In memory card case basically there is a measure to measure quality and speed of a memory card.

After seeing above Image I think you’ll be aware of the fact hidden in the offers,deals and those flashy ads.So next time you Buy a card care to Check out the Class of memory card before you Buy few specification like Class of the card.Mostly class 4 card are popular and used widely but product banners and marketers can fool you with class 2 card in the price of class 4.

Now you know What you have to do before buying a  memory card ?

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