Change the Facebook’s Default Blue color with Facebook Color Changer : One More Chrome Extension

Yesterday I posted about the Facebook login Page Changer by FB refresh.After writing a Review about FB refresh I came Across this Chrome Extension Which allows you to Change your facebook profile Color.By Default Facebook has love for blue color since fcaebook started.In last 8 years Facebook never compromised with its Default color.

If you Don’t like or Bored from the default blue color then Install this Chrome extension on your chrome browser from Chrome store and Change the color of your facebook Interface.Trick your Friends with this Extension you can uplaod the Snap shot of your Profile because this extension changes the facebook color only for you.For others your profile will have Default blue color.
Gives the option of changing the facebook colour scheme to anything you want using a colour selector.This extension allows you to change how Facebook appears to you. Initially after installing Facebook will appear to be exactly the same as normal. 
To change the colours, navigate to a Facebook page and then click the colourful icon in the address bar. Two colour pickers will show, and by clicking or dragging the crosshairs and arrows you can select two colours and your Facebook will automatically change to these new colours.
After you have selected new colours then Facebook will display all pages in this colour scheme for you. And if you want, you can always revert back to the default colours with one click on the link under the colour pickers. 
Add this Extension to your Chrome Browser : Facebook Color Changer

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