Cashle and Points2Shop Reviews (people who are not members of points2shop please read)

Cashle and Points2Shop Reviews:

Hello, I am Amit. I want to share with you about a website which  I know will benefit you. It’s Points2Shop and its Sister site cashle.

I have been posting About How the Site benefited me Recently for that I posted a Article How To Get Free Facebook Credits and also Make Money Online : Completely Legal and Legit way Because It is One of the Perks from the p2s to its Customer and if you regularly visit this Blog then You have definitely Stumbled on it.

It is Really hard to make you Audience to believe that such program works Exceptionally well.

So Here I am with you Googled 4 top Reviews From Different Peoples Around the Globe Go through it and If you still got some Questions Then ask me without hesitation.

Review No 1

Hello, I am Taylor. I want to share with you about a website which I think, no, I know will benefit you. It’s Points2Shop. Points2Shop is a website designed for everyone who wants to earn free merchandise. That’s right, free merchandise. Points2Shop is truly 100% legit, it is not a scam.

Believe me, i’ve been a member for 6 months, and I am very satisfied with the results. You can earn points on completing offers like downloads, registering for surveys, completing surveys, taking quizzes about your favorite shows like family guy etc., etc. You get to exchange those points for free items, like movies, games, cards, etc. For example, yesterday, I had 1,400 points saved up, and I bought a set of 3 egyptian god cards from the original yugioh card game, which is equivalent to $14.
Now just 1 of the cards would’ve been easily $100, so that was practically a steal, meaning a good deal of course. When you sign up, you get to start with either 250 points, or $0.50. Points2Shop is partnered with Cashle, which is pretty much the same as Points2Shop, but you get money with Cashle instead of points. However, 250 points is equivalent to $2.50, so points are better in my opinion.
When you start, you start off at new level, which is an honour level. There are quite a few different honour levels, ranging from new, to legend. There are different things you must do to get a certain honour level. For instance, you have to purchase something to verify your address where the item will be shipped to move up to bronze level. Me, I am silver, and i’m very close to getting the gold honour level. There is a shoutbox, just like a chatroom, but with all the members of Points2Shop/Cashle talking in 1 box.
There you can talk about nearly anything you want, you can also give and receive advice. Keep the language clean, and no name calling, and it will be a great experience. One last thing, referrals. You can make some good money with this, you click on refer others, and you get a page with banners and links of your choice, where you press ctrl + c, click on a box in like your blog, press ctrl + v to paste the url link there, submit, and then you have a link where if anyone clicks on it, and signs up under your link, you get up to $1, plus 15% commission on however many points they get.
So if they were to get like 400 points one day, you get 60 points, so right there that’s 460 given away there. If your referrals refer others, you get 3% of their profits, and if they refer others, 2% of their profits. At Points2Shop/Cashle, the rewards are endless. So don’t miss this great opportunity to get free stuff and money while you’re at it.

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Review No 2

The pictures above it what the category section looks like. In that page you could choose category that is more appealing to you and then look for the offer you will like to complete.

In this picture is how the offer is going to look. This will tell you all you need to know about the offer like if you need to pay or is it free, do you need to verify you e-mail, does it require you phone number, and the best thing how much does it pay and how us dollars or points. Points are redeemed via Amazon or gift cards. Cash could be sent cheek pay Pal and other options.

Review No 3 

***This is a discussion, I don’t disapprove of this site as I, myself has earned money/items!***

To everyone who doesn’t know; P2S/Cashle is a website where you can earn money by a range of methods, such as: completing surveys, offers, watching videos and daily clicks. It is for earning some EXTRA cash/gifts, not to become a millionaire(ss). However, this site DOES work and DOES pay you however much you have earned.

So, why do (a small minority) give this site a bad review?

I’ve read several articles from different sources, some good, others ehhh… not so good…

“You sign up to take surveys, visit other websites, click on links, sign up for offers. You also get paid for recruiting your friends. You watch your earnings rise as you complete the tasks. When you ask for your money, you receive a notice that you broke the rules and that you are banned from the site. You get no money. That has happened to so many people that it can not be a coincidence .” – Yahoo A, 1 year ago. Huh? Did this really happen? Or did they break the rules and suffered the punishment?

“I am not one of those people who like to cry wolf at every little thing that seems wrong to me. However, is CLEARLY a scam.

My reason:

I went on to complete some offers, and I had TWO sudden pop-ups from my anti-virus saying that a trojan was trying to access my computer.
If it was not a scam, there wouldn’t be any trojans. and this site had two, right after each other. I’m sorry to inform the users of , but its a scam, and for you and your computer’s safety, i would recommend not using this site, and possibly scanning your computer if you have used it.btw, my anti-virus is Avast, its one of the best i’ve used so far and i trust it more than some internet “get rich quick scheme” site.thanks for reading this, ” – A source from a money making discussion site. Despite the not-so-good grammar (I presume this was written by a kid who could not even… I won’t go there and insult…), it is also saying it is a scam…

I know this site works, seeing as you are reading this, you know this site works. The question I am asking is, how come comments like these are made?

As you may be aware, there are also good comments so after reading this, do NOT look down on this site and quit. It DOES work!

Review No 4

Hi folks loving  Cashle been on here a few days now clocked up a bit of money which is nice will help out a little so thats good. am trying to maximise my earning potential with  Cashle/p2s and starting a promotion campaign

I’m writing a review to add to my website just wondered if anyone would like to review it and offer opinion about it.

My friend referred me to  Cashle having tested it out for himself first and I’ve been addicted since! I made around $10 in about as many minutes as all the offers just approve very fast! And the offers are simple. Get paid simply to enter an email address to clicking skip a few times until your at the end like normal and they approved instantly!

Cashle have no minimum payout! This means you can easily make yourself $50 by the end of the day on this website! And have it paid into your bank instantly!!

There are tons of different types of offers/surveys to complete broken down into different categories. Cashle is a fairly new but very comprehensive and well thought out GPT website that you can earn very fast money from! They pay out by Paypal, AlertPay, E-Gold, Cheque, Liberty Reserve & Amazon Gift cards & collect points to spend in the Points2Shop  You can get lots of different fantastic gifts. Use Cashle for everyones xmas presents next year!

What’s more with Cashle not only can you earn purely from the offers/surveys and referrals but you can earn by playing games at the same time. There’s Team Competitions, Monthly Contests & a Weekly Lottery! Cashle keeps lots of statistics so its easy to keep track of things. You will go up in Honour Level the more you participate which means you can earn even more money! Make friends on the forums and check the members payment proofs if you need any more inspiration!


If you have read any review given Above then I don’t have to conclude What should you have to do.if you have no Doubt then Go get the Benefits of p2s and Cashle.But if you are having still a minor Doubt then Buddy seriously you should try this by your Own because it is Free to sign with both side Give it a Try it will take not more than 2-3 minutes.

Thank you.

If You appreciate my Efforts for Arranging This Article.Sign Up Here

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    Very detailed review! thank you for sharing!
    you should try writing a review about gifthulk too!
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    i think it's better to use membership cards because it's helps a lot in saving money…


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