Backlinks Review : How to Know the Number of Backlink to your Site and Increase them.

Its Been a Long Time since I have Posted something Interesting,Original and so Called my creation.When today I was Looking for an Inspiration I stumbled over ShoutmeLoud (Wonder website for Newbies and professional Bloggers,and also a Source of Inspiration for me) .
And I realize a thing about my blog.

I missed old days when I used to Write about blogging and Helping Others with it.So from today I have Decided to Post Regularly in my Blogging section.So Continuing From the Last post about Blogging today I will share my experience with Backlinks.

Back links are the Reputation of a Blog/Website.If I say it,In real world a Man is Famous When the most of the People around the Globe know him.This Phenomena Goes same for a Website.Mmore people know about it,the Reputation or fame Increases.Well There is a minor difference Between Fame and Reputation,A famous person may be Reputed or not.

In Blogging world it is very similar to the Real world,the Number of other Blogs and Websites Follow you or say the number of websites and Blogs Refer(Link) you is the Number of your Backlink.It is Obvious that Better number of Backlinks encourages a Higher Google Page rank and Also increase the Traffic Juice from Different sites.More Backlinks to you site Increases the Visibility of your site in Search Engines,it is a Free SEO.You Don’t have to Research over it just Follow some Simple Steps and you’ll have Better backlinks to your Site.
*Write some Good Articles
*Make relations with other Blogs and Share a Dofollow link with them
*Comment on Different Forums mentioning your Blog link.
*Submit Answer in Yahoo! Answers which are related to your Blog
*Also register to the Web Directories (With High PR)
*Install a Alexa Toolbar and Check the Ranking of a site before leaving a Link on Site.
*Ask for Link Exchange with other sites Who have similar niche to your Website.
*Use your YouTube channel and link it to your Blog.
*Use Tynt tool so anyone copies from you automatically gives you a Backlink So Do work on your site’s Backlinks,for that First you have to Check the Number of backlinks to your Site.

When a Site is Linking you then their are Two types of “rel” Tags 

Nofollow is Not so Important to build back links as it will not Index your Site page on the  linked site.dofollow link is best for your site,as it gives the exposure to your site from the linked site.

Backlinks WatchFor Checking the Number of backlink to your Site you can use Alexa,Which also Gives your site a Ranking Based on no of Backlinks and Traffic.But it Does not Gives you the Details of the pages Linked in Other websites so Try Backlink Checker Tool called Backlink Watch.

Backlink Watch is a Online Tool to know about the No of backlinks of your Blog.Just visit the Site and Enter the URL of your Site and Check Backlinks.Do not Fool by the Ads on the Site,I haven’t Tried any of them But I am sure No One can Provide you free Backlinks as Google have punished the blogs and Sites having Bulk low quality Backlinks.Save your Money for Better Blogging Investments.

See the Statistics of your Back links and take some necessary Steps.
*See the Site which have a no follow Link to your Site.If you can ask that site owner to make it dofollow  *Check out for the link Exchanges you made if any of them are missing then ask them to re-link your site. *Also look out for the Site having you listed,and check out your pages Some of them may be Because of plagiarism.It may help you to find out how many sites are Copying you.Use Tynt Tool & DMCA protection to protect you content from being Copied. *Finally analyse all the data and Move a step forward to create more Back-links to your Site.

I wrote this article with my knowledge of Blogging.As I am not a Pro so Please mention your Views and Suggestion in Comments.

Happy Blogging
Keep Posting 🙂

One thought on “Backlinks Review : How to Know the Number of Backlink to your Site and Increase them.

  • September 2, 2012 at 9:59 am

    Thanks for sharing this post. Not all back link checker show the correct number, but backlinkwatch is better than others.


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