Apple Now targets Samsung Galaxy S III in patent suit

Now Days the Apple and Samsung Dispute is the Biggest News in the Tech-world as both of the Companies are the Big Fish of market.After winning the patent suit against 8 of Samsung’s products.

Now apple is again targeting more Phones and products of Samsung,In the List of patent suit Galaxy S 3 is the Latest gadget.Interestingly Samsung claimed before the launch that it is a Competition cum challenge to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 and after the launch of S III apple claimed that is a copy of there Products and added it into the list of copyright violation products.

Image Credits  Reuters/Lee Jae-Won

As on Reuters site this is Mentioned

(Reuters) – Seeking to capitalize on a major legal victory over its rival Samsung Electronics Ltd, Apple Inc has asked a federal court in a separate case to find that four additional Samsung products, including the Galaxy S III, infringe Apple’s patents.

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