APN Switcher By China Unicom Labs For iPhone : switch between the two APNs easily

APN stands for Access Point Name. It is a mandatory setting criterion for data access. Different operators or different services can use different APNs.

Recently we have posted about AT&T,Verizon,T-mobile APN Settings For iPhone,Blackberry,Android | Cingular Wireless 3G,MMS,GPRS,Manual Settings Which are free to use but you have to Enter the Info manually and switch between them by choosing manually.But APN switcher allows you to switch between the two APNs easily. You do not need to edit the APN parameters inside the Settings menu one by one manually.

If you need to switch APNs frequently, for example between VPDN network for company internal network and Internet, it will trouble you.Now with “APN Switcher”, you can switch APN easily.

You can Try APN switcher  from iTunes app store its a Paid app so you have to pay 4.99$ for it.
How to Use it:
Select the APN name from the List of APN names,After Selection,the program will call the safari browser  to continue the network automatically.
Please Operate as Follows:
1.Click “Install” button on the popup box of “Install Profile”,and Click Install Now to Confirm
2.After Installation,Exit the safari browser .
3.If the Installation fails,Please refer to help (Click “i” Button in Upper right Corner of the Screen)
iPhone ScreenShot:
iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2
True Review from a User:
No Picture Texts by A Queen From GOD

Has no MMSC settings in order to receive Picture Texts. Has only a PROXY setting which lets you get only regular texts. What they offer here i got for free off internet at unlockit.co.nz. But their’s only lets you receive regular texts too. This APP needs not only PROXY settings but also MMSC settings to receive PICTURE TEXTS. Also the internet through cellular provider runs A LOT slower than the free app. If this app fixes these problems this app would be AWESOME. They would make more money too. I only bought this app because I was hoping I could set the MMSC settings to get and receive picture texts. Accordings to a lot of posts out there a lot of iphone users are waiting on a app like me to get picture texts to come out without having to jailbreak their phone. Also their support site is in chinese, no english

Now its Up to you if you want it to try or Enter the Settings Manually.

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