Free Download Alienated Fingerprint Scanner for your Android Phone :Celebrate the opening of Prometheus with Alienated Lockscreen.[Updated]

Alienated Fingerprint Scanner

Description :

Now Exitic Studio presents Alienated Fingerprint Scanner For Free!!

Celebrate the opening of Prometheus with Alienated Lockscreen.

Aren’t you guys bored with the same old plane lockscreens. To spice up the fun we have developed the awesomest looking security lockscreen with the coolest interface.

Best fingerprint scanner ever!

Try it you will not regret.

Feel the number of vibrations and the phone will be unlocked. By default it is set to 3.


Guidelines:1. Set the unlock times to your desired number. This number is the number of vibrations used to unlock the screen. So make sure you don’t forget it. But in case you can try the combination from 1-10. Hope it never happens :).

2. Setup the Home Key by simply following the instructions in Home Helper Settings.

3. Enable Voice and enter your name for cool sound effect on unlocking.

4. Turn on/off animations, in case you need faster access u can turn it off.

It is a totally independent application, so you dont need to install third party applications like GoLocker, GoLauncher or Magic Locker.


Note : Free versions are advertisement support. In case you are willing to buy the app, please mention it in your comments, we will then provide you advertisement free apps.

App Screen Shots :
Download  it Free Alienated Fingerprint Scanner lock Screen on GooglePlay.
For More Info Watch this Video :

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