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 infolinksThe past few weeks have brought terrible heat waves to the US and it doesn’t look like it will be cooling down any time soon. Health warnings are flashing across news screens and websites all over. It appears that this sweep of heat cannot be ignored, whether you’re physically sweating in it, or reading about it online. The list of top-ten keywords this week comes from the niche category of Health.Starting just a few short weeks ago from the Midwest of America to its East Coast, temperatures have been at record highs soaring into the triple digits. Unfortunately, there have been many deaths as a result of power outages caused by earlier storms leaving people without air conditioning and therefore any kind of reprieve.

The list of highest paying keywords in the niche category of Health:

1. Dehydration
2. Diet plan
3. Pain Medication
4. Heat stroke
5. Back pain
6. Weight loss
7. Heat cramps
8. Diabetes
9. Allergic reactions
10. Dental hygiene

All forms of news outlets have been warning people of the heat wave, possible dangers and places to stay cool. The internet has been a great source of information in this regard as site owners and bloggers alike are forwarding prevalent safety tips, alerts and more along to their readers. The heat wave has now made its way over to the West Coast; from Las Vegas to California online news sites have this story covered. Advertisers jumped on this wave, so to speak, relatively early and they don’t give any signs of letting up either. As the heat wave continues to rage, keep up on your site to keep up with advertisers.

Health may be the most important category related to the heat wave, but there are plenty of others. Crops throughout the Midwest have been ruined, children have been gathering in the streets and public fountains and tourists have been taking note. Stay tuned next week for another category and its top-ten keywords.

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