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RADNET is an awesome collection of over 55 in-game pieces of content – including Events, Friend vs. Friend competitive score Challenges and weekly themed Rewards that compliment and expand the game experience. Included in those ‘Rewards’ are exclusive items such as Behind-the-Scenes videos from the development team and bonus Mutations for Sgt. James Heller in the game’s main campaign. 100% FREE and at no extra cost if you pre-order PROTOTYPE 2.


Over 55 unique pieces of digital content accessible at launch at no extra charge.
20 Events Death-defying chopper races, intense combat scenarios plus more!
20 Challenges Compete with and beat your friends’ best scores!
5 Exclusive ‘Behind The Scenes’ Videos
5 Exclusive Sgt James Heller Mutation Abilities
5 Bonus Unlock Abilities for Sgt James Heller
Alex Mercer Skin unlock – the ultimate fan reward


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