10 Free blog directories to submit your blog.

Free Blog DirectoriesBlog directories can be a good way to build back links and increase traffic to your blog website. It is important when registering your blog with directories to be selective about which directories your blog is linked to. Avoid linking to lots of small low page rank directories as these can be a drain on your blog’s SEO. A lot of the free blog directories require a reciprocal link on your blog. The following is a list of free blog directories and a brief description on each.

www.technorati.com Page rank 8, no reciprocal link required. This is probably the best blog directory to link to. The listing process can take a couple of weeks to a month to complete but it is worth waiting.

www.Blogged.com – Page rank 6, reciprocal link required. Blogged is a news and events hub as well as a blog directory. The site is very clean with a good layout. Submission is very simple and fast. My blog was approved and listed within 5 days of submission.

www.bloggapedia.com Page rank 6, reciprocal link require. Bloggapedia has a good page rank and submission is straightforward and simple. The approval process seems to take some time; I am still waiting for my blog to be listed after submitting it one month ago.

www.blogflux.com Page rank 6, reciprocal link required. Blogflux has a growing number of blogs listed 157,000 at last count. My blog was approved within 1 week. The site seems to have some intermittent trouble with the search function.

www.Blogtoplist.com Page rank 6, reciprocal link required. Blogtoplist has over 100,000 blogs listed on their site, with a unique rating system which moves blogs up and down according to ratings. Blogs are approved and listed quickly, the site is well laid out however does not feature a search button.

www.blogarama.com Page rank 6, reciprocal link not required however blogs with reciprocal links are processed faster than those without. Blogarama has over 200,000 sites listed. Submission is straight forward. No reciprocal link is required, however a blogs with reciprocal links will be processed within 10 days rather than 30 without.

www.ontoplist.com Page rank 5, reciprocal link required. Ontoplist is a large blog directory which offers premium and regular services. Links can include a thumbnail of the blog for more visual impact.

www.globeofblogs.com Page rank 6, no reciprocal link required. Globeofblogs is one of the older blog directories with over 50,000 blogs linked.

www.blogdirectory.net Page rank 4, reciprocal link required. Small blog directory, after 2 months with a reciprocal link I am still waiting for my blog to appear in their listings.

www.bloghints.com Page rank 4, no reciprocal link required. Bloghints is a good site to have your blog listed, reciprocal links are encouraged but not required. Blogs are approved for listing within 3 business days

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    actually backlink is nothing but it is URL of your site on OThers site.
    MOre backlinks means ppl linking to your site.For backlinks you should try to link with above blog directories it will increase no of backlinks to your site.
    u can see a pic on right side bar u can add my blogs link on your blog.

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